With My Own Two Hands was born in late 2001, when Julie Lefmann became a Certified Massage Therapist. She has also been both a Certified Watsu Practitioner (Warm-Water Meditation Massage) and a Reiki Practitioner (energy healing) since 2004. Julie practiced as a Birth Doula for 12 years and attended well over 200 births but retired as a full-time doula in January of 2018, and is now only taking occasional repeat birth clients.

A Triple Pisces, Julie is very much a water-baby and this informs her bodywork. Her fluid-like movement is a combination of Hawai’ian Lomilomi (patterned after the ocean) and Deep Tissue. She is a highly skilled therapist both on land and in the water. Julie has specialized in Prenatal and Postnatal Massage for over a decade and a half, as well as Induction Massage, and is one of the most highly sought after Prenatal and Postnatal Massage therapists in the South Bay Area. She worked at Harmony Birth in Campbell for nearly 8 years but left in the Spring of 2018 to open her own massage office in Los Gatos. Julie also specializes in Reiki, Watsu, and Lomilomi.

Julie has happily lived in Santa Cruz since 2002 and grew up in South San Jose. She earned a B.A. from Chico State in 2001 before starting on the healing arts path. When she’s not working, Julie loves to take redwood and beach walks, ride her beach cruiser, travel often, cook, bake, juice, garden, take photographs, sing, play guitar, play in water, write, see live music and comedy shows, and love on her dog, Scuba.

Check out Julie’s other business, Mermaid Memories Santa Cruz.

Website photo credits: Massage photos by Scott McClelland, Beach Photos by Caren Hespeler, Nature photos by Julie Lefmann. Julie’s clothing in all photos is made by Synergy, an organic clothing company in Santa Cruz, CA.